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Wedding + Event Planning | Decor + Design | Coordinating | Destination + Honeymoon Planning

Timeless Event Planning is a company that provides high-end planning and design services for events. We use our extensive experience to help you with every decision, from finding the perfect location to managing guest travel. We take your vision for the event and work with our preferred vendors or those you choose to create a unique and personalized experience.

We offer our services to San Antonio, nearby areas, and beyond, bringing southern hospitality to you.

A Timeless Event

Since 2016 

So how did Timeless Event Planning begin?  It all started about 14 years ago, when I got married, no one could assist us with the planning process and it wasn't affordable. Finding a relatable wedding planner within budget was unheard of. 

We had so many issues on our wedding day! The DJ we hired did not show, and he sent another DJ from the radio station to fill in. Unfortunately, that gentleman had a prior gig and had to leave mid reception!! So here we are... crickets..crickets. We had to pay for a 2nd DJ for the remaining of the night.


Months later, we received our wedding album and it  looks AWFUL. I never want a couple to go through what we did or feel as I felt. 


Events are an investment, and we treat them as such. So, I decided it was time to fix that.  I vowed to give couples, and event clients their fairytale dream day, something I wish we had.


Also, The way I plan and execute our daughter's birthdays is what really got the wheels turning on social media and that's how we're here today! 

People saw in me what I knew was there but didn't know how to begin the process.


At Timeless Event Planning, we specialize in creating lavish and top tier events that will last in the memories of your guests for years to come. As a family owned and minority operated business, we strive to bring you a personalized experience tailored to your needs. 

Our events are crafted with attention to detail, outstanding service, exceptional quality and loads of fun. Let us help make your event unforgettable.

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